JemmaPollariEphemeral6 - Jemma Pollari: portfolio

Jemma Pollari: portfolio

Australia's Top Emerging Photographers 2019 & The Mono Awards 2019: Ephemeral


COMMENDED in Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers 2019 HIGHLY COMMENDED in The Mono Awards 2019

A flower found and fixated on, a safe resting spot in mother’s arms, an insect, a bubble, a caught gaze. Toddlerhood is ephemeral: a permanent state of transition, where every moment, every heightening of attention, every passion, every temper, is fleeting. Toddlers are enmeshed in their own world, and still they are entirely dependent for every need. They see the world through fresh eyes, and yet, treat everything as if it has always been. The wonder we feel in their existence is their normal, and our normal, they marvel at. 

JemmaPollariEphemeral6 - Jemma Pollari: portfolio